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I know there are no reviews visible on the reviews page , there is a lot of text embedded which is not visible , but there are some coding errors I am working on....Robin...
Update , have now untangled quite a few reviews , now visible . There is background on many bands and individuals , interesting reading , and the most common observation is that many electric bands have little or no understanding of volume or balance....ha..ha...

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"I’ve been to see Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall (Saturday 24th November 2015, with my daughter Katie (37)."

‘Hey dad,   It was great to have a night out with you and to see such a music legend!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Lots of love,  Kate  X.‘    

It was a brilliant evening for everyone."

The Liberal Club hall, next to The Swan, (High) Wycombe, is available to bands for gigs or practice sessions.       01494-523857




Tuesday 7th JULY 2015

# Blues Jam with Rupe & Friends @ The Cross-Keys Function Room, Spittal Street, Marlow; 8.30pm-11.20pm

“This gig was really good - it is so nice to go somewhere and feel "at home". Your jams are so relaxed, with such a warm ambiance. Everyone is so nice and friendly and the music is a real treat!”

Thank you Veronique.

# Blues Jam with Rupe & Friends @ The Cross-Keys Function Room, Spittal Street, Marlow.

Everybody enjoyed this Blues Jam on Tuesday 2nd April, our 2nd Blues Jam at this venue. There were 30 musicians on our second regular Jam, and around 60 altogether. Many Thanks to all of you who have supported us.

Various people have told me that The Function Room is a better venue than The Nag’s Head! I agree. There are plenty of chairs (about 55) and tables. After the April Blues Jam, we will be making space for those who want to dance. Thanks Krissy & Jane.

Also we have a brilliant sound thanks to Pete Rudd on the PA. He is also a bassist who plays with us, and deps with us in the House Band when Dicky can’t make it.

I have had my first e-mail in five years, from the March 5th Jam, complaining about the volume of the music. I agreed with them. As you will all know, I can’t stand too loud instrumental sounds.

I wear hearing aids which should help me hear better and protect my ears.

The rule will now be, that guitarists and bassists will not be allowed to alter the House Bands amplifiers.

If you play too loud I will not let you play again!









Tuesday 23rd July 2013

I walked past The Nag’s Head twice in daylight, going out and back to Perry’s garage. My so called ‘reliable source’ was wrong. The Blues Loft is still there.

This doesn’t mean that ‘The Nag’s Head’ will ever be returned to a music.

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Sadly my opinion is that I really don’t think the legendary Nag’s Head will be opened as a pub again. That’s a shame, but we have got to move on.

Friday 26th October - The Nag’s Head, Wycombe - Latest Information 2012

Admiral Taverns have sold The Nag’s Head to another company, Paramount Investments, as you will see if you pass by The Nag’s Head. They do sell pubs and other businesses. Someone told me that the For Sale sign has been taken down.

This is the news from Bucks Free Press in Friday 21st September edition:-

See the 24th August news on the link below which I have received from Rebecca Cain who edits the Bucks Free Press ‘Freetime’ supplement
Just noticed when passing , that the new windows are now installed upstairs in the Nags Head , in case anyone is interested....7/6/2017..



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  1. 18.Singer Jenny with drummer Ross Elder behind.

  2. 19.Skeleton Danielle is an excellent and friendly person behind Dusty’s bar.

  3. 20.Robin - Singer and acoustic guitar player. With Drew, also a singer and guitarist,

      they make an exciting duo.